Cashew Mylk

$8.00 - $170.00
  • Cashew Mylk
  • Cashew Mylk


-Raw (unsalted) Cashews
-Coconut Oil
-Pink Salt
-Vanilla Bean
-Filtered Water
-Agave (Optional)

✅100% Vegan
✅Gluten and Dairy Free.
Did you know that Cashews are actually a fruit? YES, it is!

They are packed with tons of vitamin and minerals.
Zinc. Magnesium and Iron, just to name a few.

This is a good pre/post workout drink.
Also a great appetite suppressant.
When you’re on a Detox this would be your last drink of the day. It helps curb those sweat cravings you may have. This drink alone can be a meal replacement. Packed with healthy fats and proteins that your body will crave at the end of the day. This drink is okay for nursing and pregnant women.
Nutritional: Per 16 oz
Calories: 155

✅All Natural
✅No Gmo
✅Vegan friendly
❌No additives
❌No preservatives
Plastic bpa free bottles

Please email for any Allergy concerns.