Sea Moss Gel

$25.00 - $30.00
  • Sea Moss Gel
  • Sea Moss Gel
  • Sea Moss Gel
  • Sea Moss Gel

Organic Raw Sea Moss 5 oz or 16 oz

Recommend to take 1-2 TBSP per day

Sea moss can be used in almost everything,
Smoothies, breakfast yogurts, Teas.


1. First wash it at least 3 times with a strainer or to get off the sand and salt residue from the sea.

2. Put it to soak in spring water. Make the water level 1 inch above the sea moss.

3. Soak for 20 mins to rehydrate with limes.

4. Once your wildcrafted sea moss swells, blend it with a little fresh spring water until it is liquefied. It will turn to a gel after a few hours in the fridge. Use the gel in your smoothies, porridges, dressings, anything you can think of!