We are a small family owned juice bar and currently an ONLINE ONLY shop. The company was started by the owner Melanie Simeon also known as (MEL), in 2019 officially. She wanted to share her passion and knowlegde for juicing and share with the community.

Originally from Louisiana and residing in Houston, TX for the past 16 years, generally living in the south we wanted to bring another source of eating and drinking of food that is healthy and easily accessible to anyone. Juicing became apart of her lifestyle in 2011, learning more about juicing and its benefits to care for a sick family member that was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

Learning the benefits of a Plant based diet and its healing affects has been a journey that had to be shared. Adding fresh, natural and nutritious food in its most rarest form to our bodies while accommodating such busy lifestyles. Our goal is to make it easy to balance a healthy diet between work, traveling, family time, social outings, the gym, events, happy hours, birthdays, date nights, sports events and so much more!

We offer Grab -N- Go options, To share that with our community is the mission we are thriving to provide while offering delivery anywhere around town. We believe ingredients in anything we consume should be in the purest form, which is why our juices are 100% all natural. No chemicals, no preservatives, no additives - nothing. Our Grab -N- Go options are made to have your drinks and food stocked in your fridge for a few days at a time.

In addition to juicing, we also offering free sampling events too pop ups, where we serve our fresh juice along with some of our bites inspired by eating healthy on the go. Whether you are ordering juice delivery or catching us at a local event - WE THANK YOU!

Need us for an event of any size, please email us at m3lshaus@gmail.com